Christmas mocca with coconut and peppermint

Christmas mocca with coconut and peppermint, how to say it? I’m not a fan of coffee, but hand me a coffee with all kinds of unhealthy treats in it, and I’ll drink it in a jizz. Iced coffee or a mocca with loads of chocolate in it, is one of my biggest passions, and as you probably already know – I’m a big fan of anything chocolate with peppermint, meaning this drink is my ultimate love. I’ve put a layer of coconut cream on top (which melted quite quickly into the hot coffee).

Julemokka med kokos og peppermynte

Ingredients enough for 2 decent cups:

  • 300 ml strong cold coffee
  • 100 ml almond milk (or any vegan milk replacement will do)
  • 100 grams dark chocolate
  • 2-3 drops of peppermint oil
  • 1 crushed candy cane (plus two for stirring after, make sure they are vegan)
  • Whipped coconut cream


This is how we do it:

Pour the coffee into a small casserole and add the almond milk. Heat it until it starts boiling, and add the chocolate. Let it melt and stir it smooth. Add the peppermint oil to taste. Pour it into two large mugs, top it with the whipped cream and sprinkle it with the crushed candy canes. Add some finely chopped chocolate or nuts, if you want to. Decorate it with a candy cane and serve it while it’s hot.

This also works as an iced coffee. I brought it to work in two tiny bottles the day after, and it was super tasty.

Christmas Mocha with peppermint and chocolate
Christmas Mocha with peppermint and chocolate

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