Orange marzipan with chocolate

Orange Marzipan With Chocolate
Orange Marzipan With Chocolate

Not exactly a recipe, and maybe not exactly homemade, but hey – it’s pretty nice to whip up something delicious in a hurry when you have a sweet tooth, and these are both pretty and delicious. You can swap the orange for lemon, I think that will be really tasty.


-1 roll of high quality vegan marzipan
-1/2 large orange, juice and shredded peel
– 200 grams dark vegan chocolate


This is how you do it:

Shred the marzipan and put it in a bowl with the orange juice and peel. Knead it all together until it becomes a smooth and sticky marzipan dough.

Put parchemt paper on a baking sheet or a large tray. Make small balls of the marzipan dough and place them on the sheet. Put the sheet in the freezer (the chocolate will set faster and be thicker if the balls are frozen when dipping) for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate. Dip the frozen balls in the chocolate and put them back on the sheet/tray, and stick it into the freezer or fridge until they are solid. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes, really.

Keeps for at least a week, probably much longer, in the fridge!

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