Success Cake (Norwegian Yellow Cream Cake)

Success Cake (Norwegian Yellow Cream Cake)

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This cake is an Norwegian traditional cake. It’s served in every big party here in our country, and it’s most certainly not vegan since it contains lots of butter and eggs. But hey – I managed to make it vegan! I did it! It tastes almost exactly like the original, and it’s soooo delicious! I have used a raw cake crust since I haven’t had that much luck with making a vegan traditional baked nut crust, and since raw nut crusts are both healthy and delicious, and easy to make, it’s a winner anyway! AND it’s glutenfree.


1,5 cups nuts, I often use almonds, but you can use whatever you want
4-5 dates, stone removed (more dates if needed)
Some vanilla extract

Put the nuts in a food processor and pulse them into a coarse mixture. Add the vanilla and dates and pulse until it’s a nut mixture that easily can be made into little balls with your hands. Add more dates if it’s too dry. Taste the dough, dies it need more vanilla?

Take out a small cake tin, and place parchment paper on the bottom. Place the nut crust in the cake tin and smooth the surface. Let it cool in the freezer while you make the filling.

Yellow cream:

150 grams sugar
150 ml vegan cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp corn starch dissolved into 50 ml cold water
150 grams soft vegan butter


This is how you do it:

Put sugar and cream into a small casserole. Let it come to a boil and stir constantly until the sugar is dissolved. Add in the vanilla and corn starch and let it simmer until it thickens. When it’s ready, turn off the heat and add the vegan butter. Whisk it in until there are no lumps, and then let it cool.

When cooled, pour it over the crust and put it in the freezer until completely frozen. Take it out and make a pattern (see the pictures) with a fork. You can also sprinkle some shredded chocolate or chocolate chips on top. This cake may become a little too soft if it sits in room temperature for too long, but it can be served straight from the freezer as it don’t get too hard when frozen. The taste is amazing!

PS: if the cream separates when boiling, let it cool a bit before whisking it vigorously. Then it should be fine.



Norwegian Yellow Cream Cake - Vegan Ground
Norwegian Yellow Cream Cake – Vegan Ground


  1. Omg! Min favoritt fra barndommen! Hvilken fløte og smør brukte du?

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