Vegan Ground in Lithuania

Vegan in Vilnius, Lithuania – great experience to have been there! We just got home from our 4 day trip there. Gunnar gave me this trip for my birthday, that lovely man, and we enjoyed our vacation to the fullest!

Of course we were a bit nervous about the food, what could Lithuania offer us when it came to vegan food? I have really good experience from both Poland and Czech republic, so we thought we would get just as good food here, but of course we couldn’t be sure.

Well, we were a bit wrong. Not that we didn’t get great vegan food (because we did, after using a lot of time looking for it), but the don’t call Lithuania “the land of meat and potatoes” for nothing! Lithuanians are extremely found of meat, and they put it in everything! We could of course ask for “no meat dishes” but the difficult part was the language barriers, they don’t speak English, and if they understood “no meat”, the problems started for real when we in addition asked for no dairy and eggs …

In Poland and Czech republic we found LOTS of vegan goodies in both health food stores and regular grocery stores. In Lithuania? Nothing. Well, almost nothing. Lots of meat, in all flavors and shapes, even sandwich slices shaped as happy pig’s faces. Not especially funny. It wasn’t easy to read the labels either, because in Lithuania they put the labels in their language OVER the English labels, so you can’t read what’s in the products. Frustrating.

But, we didn’t starve, not at all. I may seem negative, but that’s just because I had bigger expectations than this. We actually found vegan and vegetarian restaurants and they had delicious food. And we were surprised that many of the street sellers on the markets actually knew the word “vegan”.

Anyway, we totally recommend Lithuanua for travelling when it comes to architecture, wine and romance, we loved it! But don’t expect any big vegan food experiences, if that’s what you are after, we recommend you to choose for instance Prague or Gdansk, we loved it there and there were vegan food everywhere!

Here are some pictures from our trip:


Namai! A super sweet little vegetarian restaurant with the most lovely staff ever! Even the door was soo sweet and tiny. Warm atmosphere and delicious food, and they had a LOT of vegan options. We could eat here every day!


“Are you a food blogger? Wow, that’s exciting, of course you can take pictures. Can we have your blog link so we can read the post when it comes out? We love this”


“I could eat this every day for the rest of my life”, Gunnar said when he had finished this dish. He loves raw food and this raw zucchini pasta with sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, rocket and an amazing vinaigrette/sauce. I took a bite, and yes – this was just amazing!


I had homemade falafels, hummus, homemade crispy bread and salad, and a delicious dressing. I don’t LOVE falafels, to be honest, but these were to die for. I could eat a 100 of these. Wow! From now on, I love falafels.


Vegan chocolate cake for dessert. We were full, but we just had to try it, so we ordered one piece and shared it. Smart as hell, because we could’nt even finish the one slice. It felt like a raw cake, but it wasn’t completely raw. But much more healty than regular chocolate cake. We loved it! So smooth and creamy and tasty!


Lithuanians know how to make chairs! Maybe they take the word “wood” a little to literally?


Old and tired, but charming. We had these trolley buses in my city (Stavanger, Norway) in the 50’s.
I think this is a hostpital. The building is not similar on both sides, it’s been renewed on one of the sides. This fascinated me a lot in Lithuania; this thing where they fixed, painted and built on just SOME of the building, and that they looked like half buildings.


This juice bar was a common sight in shopping malls etc. They had several delicious and nutritious juices and smoothies, and also ice creams made from just fruit. It seems that everything besides (all) the sandwiches were vegan. The milk shakes were made from nut milks.
ALIVE it a gourmet restaurant in Vilnius. The type of restaurant where you suit up and maybe propose to your loved one. 😀

This is not one of those “typical” vegan restaurants. In fact, noone would even know it’s vegan until they watched the menu and maybe not even then! This is a luxury restaurant with wine and several course-menu, and the food was out of this world! They had tasting menus, dessert menus with four small desserts, glutenfree tasting menu,  steaks, lasagna etc, all vegan!



Gunnar had seitan steak with baked vegetables and red wine sauce.
I wanted lasagne Bolognese, but unfortunately I could only get this on the 4 dish menu so instead I ordered Penne Bolognese, and it was super delicious! With some sorts of nut “parmesan” on top. Mmmm.


We got free bread and mushroom pate for starter. The bread was sooo good. Sourdough, homemade. I could just eat this and forget about the rest of the meny! I almost cried when my small slice of heaven was gone.


Coffee break back at the hotel, with a little chocolate from Anthon Berg.


Yes, found this box of goodies at the airport in Stavanger when we left for Lithuania. I am not very found of dark chocolate, but these were really good. And vegan, of course.

Well, this is it. We wish we had taken even more photos and tried even more food, but time flies fast, and the fours days went just like that. We would like to recommend you to go here, even if there are much better cities regarding vegan food. Remember, food isn’t everything (but it almost is). 🙂


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