Vegan in Gibraltar

Vegan in Gibraltar. The couple behind Vegan Ground just got married and went here on our honeymoon!

This is a movie from our first day in Gibraltar, where we among other things, visited the amazing vegan restaurant Kasbar, and were given information about vegan bakeries and cheese factories in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar really is the place to go for both delicious food, shopping and nature experiences. The fact that this small country has over 300 sunny days a year, is worth the travel in itself! And, we loved that when you go from Spain to Gibraltar, you are – litterally in seconds – going from “Hola” to “Good day” and you feel that you are in the middle of London! It’s a bit surrealistic, but brilliant, and we are _so_ going back!

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Vegan in Gibraltar - Vegan Ground
Vegan in Gibraltar – Vegan Ground

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