Veganuary – easy week menu to get you started

It’s Veganuary! And more and more people are getting curious on what a vegan lifestyle is all about. Many are afraid that the food is dull and that the food alternatives are few. They have realized that going meat- and dairy free will have a huge positive impact on the environment, and of course the animals and our health, but they don’t know where to start.

Are you one of those people? Then you are in luck! We want to show you how easy it actually is to eat plant based, either it’s fulltime or just one meal at a time.

Ukemeny Veganuar

We have been vegans for many years, and are used to advanced recipes, but here we have made you a whole weeks menu from some of our easiest recipes made from ingredients you can find in just about every food store. If you are or want to be more advanced in your cooking, feel free to pimp up the recipes, adding more or other spices, mock meats or other veggies of your choice. It’s really all up to you! Have fun while cooking, experiment.


PS: this menu consist of dinner recipes only, since it seems that most people are having trouble with dinner recipes when it comes to vegan food. If you want tips for breakfast and lunch, it’s not very hard. Make extra when you make dinner, bring leftovers for work or school. For breakfast we often make smoothies with bananas, frozen berries, kale or spinach and water, sometimes we throw in some nuts, oats or hemp seeds. When we get to work we eat a more filling breakfast, like wholewheat bread with avocado and seasalt & pepper, or hummus, or oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be. We often make roastveef for our sandwiches, our kids LOVE this! So if you have kids, make this for them. It’s practical, healthy, delicious and inexpensive.

Week menu for beginners:


Chickpea burgers – Easy to make – easy to love! These are great to eat straight out of your hand, or you can use them for traditional burgers, or serve them with potatoes, mustard and veggies. We love these burgers!




Hot and spicy sweet potato cream soup! This soup is just so good! We have had it on the menu for our popup café several times now, and the guests love it every time! You can switch the sweet potatoes with carrots, it’s cheaper and maybe even better. Try it and love it! Extra delicious with ovenbaked chickpeas.

Hot søtpotetsuppe med gulrot og ingefær.



Tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and garlic is a fast and easy, but very delicious dish that suits busy work people very well.  Pasta is always a favorite, and us parents know that kids are always happy when pasta is served for dinner! Just remember to use pasta without eggs. Sprinkle over some sunflower seeds or pine nuts if you don’t have vegan parm in the kitchen. Yummy!

Kjapp tagliatelle med cherrytomater og hvitløk



We’re getting close to the weekend, but not quite there yet. Today we are eating Indian! We love Indian food and we love chickpeas, so this dish is perfect for us! Chana Masala consist of chickpeas cooked in a delicious spicy tomato sauce. Serve it with naan, fresh cucumber, raita and naan.

Chana masala



Finally weekend! It’s time to really enjoy free time and do what we want and eat what we want. What do vegans eat in the weekends? Probably the same as everyone else, only in vegan versions. “Chicken” with mango chutney cream sauce is a dish we have veganized from a recipe with real chicken, but we bet this version is even better than the original! Use whatever chicken substitute you want, we use “filétbiter” from “Hälsans Kök” but I guess this is only sold in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Tjis is one of our all time favorites:

Kylling i mangochutneyfløtesaus



This is our favorite day of the whole week, and it’s often dedicated to pizza! WE LOVE PIZZA! Many people think vegan pizza is boring, but behold – these pizzas is not just nice to look at, they taste so delicious you don’t want to stop eating. Pizza junkies in the house! Instead of a single recipe, we have made you a whole bunch of vegan pizza tips here, so you can get inspired:

Hva har veganere på pizzaen sin?



Sunday is often the day for traditional Sunday dinners at our house. Meatballs, lasagna, stews, roast – all vegan! Lasagna is one of our favorites, and since we have 5 kids every other week living with us, we like (have) to serve dinners to their liking, and lasagna always hits the spot! This is made with lentils, but taste both meaty and cheesy. You won’t believe it until you have tried. We served this at our very first popup café and the guests loved it, we made 8 huge lasagnas and sold out over 7 of them in a couple of hours. Serve it with salad, vegan sour cream, olives and our delicious rolls with carrots and onions.




Want a little extra for the weekend?

In the weekends one needs (or wants) that little extra. Then we have just the thing for you. Take a look in our candy section of the blog:

Salty snacks and nuts

Snacks and candies

We love to help out if you are wondering about something related to veganism. Please contact us so we can help you out. Good luck with your vegan lifestyle, and remember – if you fail, it doesn’t mean you have to give up. Small steps also leads to success!

Veganuary - Vegan Gorund
Veganuary – Vegan Gorund

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