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Kale chips with turmeric and sunflower seeds
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Kale crisps with turmeric and sunflower seeds served with beetroot hummus

Kale crisps with turmeric and sunflower seeds. Everyone has heard how crazily tasty kale crips are, and not to mention how incredibly healthy they are, but have you tried them? Yes? I can guarantee that you haven’t tried this version. These crisps are not just super tasty, but also rich […]

Sofie`s melon salad
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Sofie`s melon salad

On Saturday I was made Sofies melonsalad, by my partner’s beautiful daughter aged twelve. She is incredible in the kitchen, so I’m looking forward to making lots of great vegan food with her in the future! This is super easy to make, few ingredients and tastes really summer-fresh! We actually […]